Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to a number of questions asked by customers who have bought Snapper Screen Recorder.

Why can't I change the selection after selecting the entire screen?

Once you have selected the entire screen, there is no space left to move the selection. Before you can change the selection, you need to choose Deselect from the Edit menu.

Will there be a Windows version?

Yes, we are currently working on it, but we can't make a promise with regard to the release date yet.

Why doesn't anything happen after I stop the recording? All I see is the message "Please wait while QuickTime prepares you movie"

As you can imagine, a lot of information has to be processed and sent to QuickTime, before QuickTime can make the movie. This simple takes some time. Please, be patient.

Which recording format should I use?

We recommend Raw for fast low-quality recording and PNG for slower high-quality recording. Generally, we don't recommend using the JPEG format.

How can I record movies more smoothly?

First of all, try a different format. The Raw format should be fast, but quality may be less than when using PNG. Try selecting a smaller screen area. The smaller the selected area, the smoother your movie will record. On very slow machines, we recommend setting the record interval at 83 milliseconds (12 frames per second) or 125 milliseconds (8 fps), because on slow machines slower recordings may give a smoother experience. You can also decide to make slower mouse movements and activate the double play-rate, but this will disable sound.

Is Snapper compatible with iMovie?

iMovie is able to import movies created with Snapper, since both are QuickTime-based. You may observe a significant deterioration of picture quality, however, after importing the movie.

Why register?

First of all, if you pay for a license, you give us a great reason to continue to improve Snapper. Also, you will get access to all features, you can record sound by default if you prefer, and you don't have to quit Snapper after each recording.

Where do I send my questions?

You are welcome to send questions to . Please, make sure that your question isn't listed above and change the subject header to reflect the subject of your question. Also make sure that your e-mail makes clear that you are asking a question about Snapper Screen Recorder.
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