Snapper History

Below follows a list of Snapper version numbers with their respective changes and bug fixes.


  • The default sound input is now supported (i.e. the sound input setting as indicated by the system settings of your operating systems are now complied with).
  • Several small interface improvements.
  • 2.1

  • Faster recording in raw format.
  • Updated built-in documentation
  • High-quality full-screen capturing on Macintosh computers.
  • 2.0.1

  • Particular configurations caused Snapper to beep recursively while recording. This problem has been solved.
  • 2.0

  • Snapper Screen Recorder is now available for Windows!
  • 1.4

  • Additional raw format, may allow for smoother recording on your system (you'll have to try and find out what works best for you).
  • Changed Window style (utiliy window on Leopard, metal on Tiger).
  • The QuickTime preferences are now opened from the main preferences window while the preferences button in the toolbar of the Snapper window opens the main peferences window.
  • An error that may occur once in a while after recording but before processing the movie has been prevented from happening.
  • Snapper now cleans up all unnecessary files after creating a movie.
  • 1.3

  • The slider to set the frame rate in milliseconds has been moved to the preferences window.
  • The frame rate is now remembered between sessions.
  • Minor interface improvements (e.g. error messages now include icons).
  • 1.2

  • Snapper now records and displays the mouse cursor
  • 1.1.2

  • Some configuations of Mac OS X prevent Snapper from talking to QuickTime - fixed
  • 1.1.1

  • An error message "Could not create mask file..." occurs on some systems. - fixed
  • Can't use Snapper on my non-admin user account - fixed
  • The QuickTime settings button in the toolbar of the main window doesn't always work - fixed
  • Recording results into an error - fixed (most of the time)
  • 1.1

  • Choosing Quit from File menu still shows "Are you sure...?" - done, removed by request
  • On PowerMac, the main window is too large when the application starts up - an attempt has been made to fix this, note that manually refreshing the screen shot in the main window will always resize the window correctly
  • Need to include warning that opening the QT settings kind of resets these settings (but not if you cancel) - done, see tooltip and Help window
  • Setting sound source to none doesn't work - fixed
  • An error occurs if the Help window is resized - fixed
  • 1.1b03

  • Preferences are not saved correctly - fixed
  • Add hide-me button to toolbar of main window - fixed
  • By request, remove "Are you sure that you want to quit" dialog - done
  • About box is unattractive - fixed
  • Warn if sound recording is activated while no sound input source has been selected yet - fixed
  • 1.1b02

  • Addition of audio preferences - done
  • Recording with double play rate in combination with sound must be disallowed - fixed
  • 1.1b01

  • Addition of sound recording features - done
  • JPEG quality should be 100 by default - fixed


  • An error occurs if the Help window is resized - fixed
  • 1.0

  • needs an application icon - fixed
  • help window has no navigation by arrow keys - fixed
  • still trying to save movie if no frames recorded - fixed
  • save quicktime setting between sessions - fixed, but settings are reset when settings button is clicked and we can't fix this at the moment
  • 0b01

  • license conditions must appear when application starts first time - fixed
  • window size wrong after startup
  • after selecting entire screen, can't deselect
  • optional "don't record while snapper is in front" - fixed
  • opening preferences window causes error (property is not an integer) - fixed
  • 0a04

  • can only create red capture area by dragging to the right - fixed
  • clicking the "properties" button caused an following error - fixed, please test
  • clicking the "Buy Now" caused an error message to be displayed - fixed
  • cannot enter time delay with the keypad - fixed
  • Update dialogue window doesn't appear after choosing Update from Help menu - fixed
  • PNG format besides JPEG format - fixed
  • JPEG-compression needs to be user adjustable - fixed
  • after saving a movie, the "frames" counter shows "1" - fixed
  • registration window is resizable - fixed
  • spelling errorin registration window: "belowe" should be "below" - fixed
  • cursor refused to turn from cross into arrow - fixed
  • 0a03

  • on startup there's a "beep" played -beep, I mean fixed
  • the buttons either need text or a tooltip (or both) - fixed
  • what does the first button do? the dialog box text isn't clear what it's doing - fixed
  • what is the time interval? milliseconds, seconds, minutes? - millisecs, fixed
  • clicking the "stop" button causes the frames counter to start jumping back and forth between numbers yet still increment (seems there's almost a 90 difference between the low number and high number when it's bugging out)
  • fixed (changed)
  • had to click the "stop" button three times to get it to ask where I wanted to save the movie - currently, I don't see how to fix this, I have this problem only rarely
  • when saving the movie, there's no feedback and the program is "locked up"
  • after saving the movie, the counter keeps incrementing - fixed
  • window can be shrunk with bottom right control, but will not grow using the control or the "maximize" window decoration - fixed
  • red snap area in the screen thumbnail can be moved/resized outside of the screen thumbnail - fixed
  • frames counter should probably be set to zero when the program is first run - fixed
  • "stop" button should be disabled until the "record" button is clicked - fixed (changed)
  • "record" button should be disabled after it has been clicked - fixed (changed)
  • clicking the "stop" button after launch causes it to start recording - fixed
  • for the last two seconds of the video the picture is garbage - fixed
  • 0a02:

    non-public release


    first public alphaversion

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