Snapper Screen Recorder

Thank you for your interest in Snapper Screen Recorder. Snapper Screen Recorder lets you capture a movie of your screen while you are working and is an excellent tool for creating demonstrative animation movies. You can use this utility also to explain your friend how to do a particular task and if you are a software beta tester you probably want to make movies to show the developer what is going on. Using Apple's latest QuickTime technology, snapper creates high-quality movies for professional demonstrations as well as tiny movie clips suitable for e-mail.

Click here or on the picture below to see a large screenshot of Snapper Screen Recorder.

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To use Snapper for Macintosh, you need of course an Apple Macintosh. Addional requirements are:


To have full access to all of Snapper's features, please buy a license with PayPal. Unregistered versions of Snapper record only one movie at a time. You need to restart Snapper each time when you record a new movie. This limitation is removed after registration.

You can buy a license for Snapper here. Currently, we offer you Snapper Screen Recorder at a 33% discount, until the end of the year! That makes a single-user license only EUR 9.95!

Please, try the software before buying (see download link above) and read the license conditions in the Read Me file.

Why Snapper?

Snapper is an easy-to use and, in comparison with similar products, inexpensive screen recorder. You will want to use a screen recorder when words and pictures fall short. While a screen shot says more than a 1000 words, a movie shot says more than a thousand pictures. Whether you need animations for an instructional website or just want to show a smart move to your friend abroad, with Snapper you capture a movie really in a snap.

More information

Click the picture below to see a movie created with Snapper. To save bandwidth, we have compressed the movie , allowing for quality loss. We believe this to be a typical example of a movie as you might post on your own web site if you have limited bandwidth.
Click the movie frame to play a movie shot created with Snapper.

For more information about Snapper, you can read the Read Me file included with the software. The Read Me file tells you how to start using Snapper. Please, make also sure to read the license conditions.

For more information about the Economy-x-Talk, the creator of Snapper, you can have a look at our homepage.
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